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KAIAPHAS   is the ebm / futurepop / dark electro project from Brazil featuring ZHYIN (a.k.a. Lord Kaiaphas), the former singer from the Norwegian black metal band, ANCIENT. Zhyin started this project with his friend, Victor Salles, in Rio deJaneiro, Brazil, sometime in the middle of 2003.

- As a musician/producer, Zhyin finds it impossible to stick to just one style/genre, like most other bands do. Therefore, the music of KAIAPHAS will always have a wide variety of styles such as ebm, futurepop, electro, noise, idm, trance, techno, industrial,etc.

- We are currently working on the material for our debut album which should be ready this year. After the material is completed, we're going to start shopping for a good label, that will release the album and give us the support we want. You can expect a very dynamic album with a wide range of electronic styles.

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